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Ataá Agency & Council for Mass Media - New members of the public to the Council

Ataá Agency partnered with the Council for Mass Media consulting in the recruitment process of new public members to the Council.

Researcher Johannes Koponen was elected as a new member of the Supervisory Board. The Council elected Farhia Omer as Koponen's personal alternate. Omer is studying for a bachelor's degree in politics and administration and is one of the project coordinators in a series of documentaries about Finnish Somalis. Omer sees the role of responsible journalism as increasingly central and wants to defend freedom of speech and publication.

The term of office of Heli Parika, one of the five members representing the public in the Council, and Nitin Sood, his alternate, will end at the end of the year.

Ataà Agency was pleased to be involved in consulting the search process and its communication. For the first time in the Council, a representative of the BIPOC public – as a result, both parties considered the co-operation to be very successful.

"We see that Farhia has a lot to give to the Council. She has the ability to question our current structures and defend the inclusiveness of equality and equality," says Wanda Holopainen.


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