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What does an Audiovisual Podcast Production look like?

Reminiscing on the past. Who was I, and what was going through my head? A picture is worth a thousand words... something like that, right.

A little over a year ago, Ataá started a collaboration with Yle. The intention was to produce three episodes. Three episodes which topics, guests, and staging, amongst many things, were up to us. A process that included many small and seemingly larger choices that finally created what is now out there for others to see, watch and ponder.

Feeling excited and nervous. Warmth and pride arose this time as I go through the feelings and emotions that ascended during the production but in a different way.

Many thanks to the Yle team for this, who created a platform for experimentation and play. Space for mistakes and learning. The opportunity to grow and shine. Thanks to everyone who participated, shared their stories vulnerably and gave their creative input. Letting it now live its own life among those who find it.

We were told to produce an audiovisual podcast…. so see it yourself; what was our intake on that? Episodes are available in Toinen Kanava YouTube channel and on Yle Areena.

✍🏾: Saban Ramadani, Sophia Mitiku, Teresa Oksanen

🎥🎬 : Haliz Yosef (+ 🎞️ Wanda)

🎵: Keiska Ojala

🎨 : Yamacatlan

*+ Karoliina Kasurinen staging consultant

👀: Wanda / Waomi

🚣‍♂️: Yle Areena


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