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Online Publication: We Once Dreamed

The Swamp Diaries is an online publication by TuoTuo art residency located in Joutsa. The latest entry is a collage of poetry, self reflection, drawings, photograph and a video piece by Naomi Holopainen. It is a journey of letting go, and how can we embrace imperfection? There is no end goal, a finish line to cross—only a moment in the illusion of time.

Naomi's work examines reality's fundamental nature: the first principles of being, identity and change, space and time, cause and effect, necessity and possibility. Their work ties in with her passion for nature and interest in the power of storytelling. The recent emphasis has been on understanding what enables connections, how freedom manifests and how dreams and realities, worlds in between, blend.

I used to look up at the sky, drew stars and wondered.

I wonder how we experience even these shared moments from time to time.

How after the moment passes, it remains alive, moulding into its entity within different beings.

Memories... so clear but fading.

So, with a stained pencil, we colour in the blanks.

Create the land we are standing on and paint the sky above.


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