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Kairos X URB festival:

URB festival

"We are the ancestors of the future, and it is important for us to be conscious of the stories that we pass on. How are we letting go of narratives that limit us individually and divide us collectively?"

The exhibition featured works by several different artists. Alongside the artworks, there were events to create impermanent and communal experiences.

Ataá helped in creating the concept of the event, production of the event, and forming collaborations.


“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Naomi & Wanda in the summer of 2022. Their positivity, multifaceted thinking, expertise and extensive network brought new content and audience to our URB22 festival. The ease of cooperation and the calm presence of Naomi and Wanda was addictive and I definitely recommended to everyone who is considering working together with them.”

—  Sara Hirn, Creative producer & Program manager, URB festival

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