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Ataa Agency Ahjo Communication


Ahjo Communication

ATAÁ organized and ran a workshop for Ahjo Communications team. The session entailed open discussion about the responsibility of marketing and communication in a polarized society to promote inclusion and equality.


After the workshop, the staff understood more deeply the terms of diversity, inclusion, equality and why these should be taken into consideration in a holistic manner. During the workshop, we were able to map out personal, organizational and industry wise challenges in terms of diversity, inclusion and equality. In addition, gained prespective on what is important to take into account when it comes to inclusive and equitable communication and marketing.


"ATAÁ's girls are highly professional trainers: their approach to the workshop was genuinely interactive and empathetic, and the whole was clearly constructed. In addition, the mimics identified needs we weren't even able to identify within our team. We got a lot of material from the workshop for further development."

- Laura Hakulinen, Videollr, Creative design and project management

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