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Sand Winning Art Installation

Naomi Holopainen's work examines the fundamental nature of reality: the principles of being, identity and change, space and time, cause and effect, necessity and possibility. The recent emphasis has been on understanding what enables connections. How does freedom manifest? And how do dreams and realities, the worlds in between blend?

Together with her twin sister, they probe ways to engage people in reimagining society in their work through Ataá Agency.

About the Art Installation

As a child, I would observe ants roaming the ground until I lost sight of them.

Right, left, right…I learned to walk straight.

Left, right, left…look to your right.

Right, left, right…look to your left.

As the sand fell, I grew smaller by the hourglass.

Anwea, please tell me how you look at the world?

How could we look at things through a lens of “deep time”, an earthly process extending beyond human timescales? At what point does sand become a city?

The multi-scalar nature of extraction, consumption, accumulation and dispossession has a significant impact on the current global environmental predicament. By exposing the material politics embedded in our built environments, we can think of social futures that engage with the geologic in ways other than at present.

Thankful for the experience that build up to the last few days of the UrbFestival exhibition held in Kiasma Museum. A journey that allowed space to get hands dirty, literally. So many new materials, so many new experiences and memories made. Appreciate everyone who stopped by.

Thankful for the support and trust of Alexandra Mitiku from Kairos and Yilin Ma and the whole Kiasma team, the backbones of this project.

Kudos and a bow also to the artist group for the co-curation, Aron Pieski, Valentina Brava, Ziggy, Sepideh, Eugenie and Wanda Holopainen.


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