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What If Film Installation

What if the alternative reality you created altered your memory?

What if those stories fill the void of separation?

What if nature unveils ancestral knowledge lost in broken family ties?

Wanda Holopainen is an art activist who works with stories, documentation, identity and communication. With her artistic practice she seeks to reimagin and unthink our world ‘as we know it’. Last week in Kiasma Museum, as part of the UrbFestival, their first film installation saw daylight.

Thank you, Alexandra Mitiku and Kairos Helsinki , for the trust. Thank you Saban Rmdani and Sophia Mitiku, for the warmth and support you offered in times of insecurity of putting together the sound design. Alexandra Tiligadi for helping through the last push when confidence had taken a hit. And special gratitude for everyone who came by during the four days.

Heart is warm with everything. Thanks to this experience and all the comments and support. Ready for what will come next.


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