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Solidarity and community are values that are more narrowly associated with different social contexts. In an increasingly polarized society, the need for community and cohesion is increasing as well.


Putte's Bar & Pizza is one of Helsinki's most popular pizzerias. Its open atmosphere and family-friendliness are definitely at the heart of its operations.

ATAÁ developed a “Sunday Dinner” concept that strengthens community and family values in Helsinki. In creating the idea, the values represented by Putte’s rose to a significant role. Thus, in collaboration, ATAÁ and Putte’s started to organize monthly events that focused on everyday interactions between people from different backgrounds to enhance inclusiveness and appreciation of people’s diversity.


According to our values, art and the sense of community should be available for everyone. Thus, it has been great to have gotten an opportunity to support the community in the form of the Sunday Dinner in collaboration with ATAÁ. Family values ​​and community play a vital role in this concept, and that is why we were more than happy to execute it with ATAÁ.


As a concept, the monthly Sunday Dinner is an informal gathering with a relaxed lounge feeling. Depending on the day, we play cards, music, eat, drink and chat. The discussions include a variety of topics, all the way from politics to everyday matters. It is always up to the synergy people create each time and what they might have on their mind. However, the most important thing for us is that everyone feels comfortable and safe.


We only utilize word to mouth marketing method on purpose to facilitate authentic relationship building. For this reason, the gathering is highly contingent on the previous week's events. 


Our values ​​fully meet those of ATAÁs, and thus it makes our joint action even more meaningful and worth doing. Thank you so much, Naomi and Wanda, for the work you do!"

With love, the head of the staff of Putte's bar & pizza

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