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RARE Media

The media content plays a significant part in shaping people's attitudes and the culture, such as opinions, norms and values. Thus, people working in the industry have ever-greater responsibility for diversity, equality, and inclusion. 


A group of young operators from the media, culture and journalism field from Tampere founded RARE media. Their vision is to create a new media outlet for new generations based on the following values; sustainable development, accountability, and open communication. They specialize in creating inclusive journalistic content for various social media channels that resonate with the media consumption habits of future generations. All of RAREs activities are based on the UNs sustainable development goals, which aim to build a better world for all of us.


ATAÁ has collaborated with RARE media to promote diversity and inclusion in the media field. The project's aim, RARE x DIVERSITY, is to provide information on increasing diversity and sensitive processing in media content and creating new working methods. The media has a great responsibility to promote equality in a society that is getting more polarized.


You can follow RAREs journey on Instagram, TikTok ad Youtube under @rareonkova


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