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Rasisminvastainen viikko


Anti-Racism Week

ATAA designed and executed a program for an online conversation during National Anti-Racism Week. The week centered around the normalization of talking about racism in the business environment. The concept also aimed to awaken and increase companies' knowledge of diversity, inclusion and equality. The week encased different conversations such as equal employment, vulnerable organization culture, towards utopia and much more.


A broad range of experts from different fields joined the discussions: Renaz, Jenni Rotonen, Juha Ilmari Lainen, Fatima Verwijnen, Roza Ahmad, Jasmin Assulin, Dakota Robin, Yacine Samb, Ronny Eriksson, Virpi Haavisto, Bella Forsgren and Elisa Lientola.


The campaign reached more than 41,000people and the week’s program has garnered more than 12,997 views.


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