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TAUKO Design



TAUKO Design is a sustainable Nordic fashion house founded in 2014 and based in Helsinki, Finland. TAUKO is committed to creating timeless and ethical clothing for people who care about our planet’s well-being. The brand believes in kindness, honesty and respect. Starting in 2020, the focus has been on creating a collection which follows the natural rhythm of the community, the life cycles.


ATAÁ consulted with TAUKO on DEI matters in the context of sustainable fashion. The focus of the partnership was to increase their campaign's social impact. We believe that marketing and communications have a significant social responsibility to promote and normalize equality and inclusiveness. Together, TAUKO and ATAÁ took into account the collection’s social responsibility focusing on the diversity, equity and inclusion aspects of the campaign. The campaign and collection will be published during the autumn of 2021.


“Together with ATAÁ Agency, we went through our upcoming campaign's diversity perspective, and they helped us find new ideas for our operations. Wanda and Naomi created a warm and empowering working atmosphere in the workshop, and their extensive network also helped in the campaign's implementation. The results of the short workshop have been significant, and we are already looking forward to the next joint meeting!”

—  Mila Moisio, CEO, TAUKOdesign Oy

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