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Ataá conceptualized, directed, and produced Uhana's brand film, which highlighted vulnerability in a society where we are encouraged to be tough and strong. The brand film was produced taking into account Uhana efforts to go international and to follow the new brand reform. ​

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covered in camouflage patterns,
I am hiding

be Strong 
ole Vahva 
be Strong 

what does this even mean?
when did we stop coexisting,

I am questioning how to be 
and express myself correctly.

onko olemassa even such thing  
as a correct feeling
or a correct me?

I want to be soft, slow, and asymmetrical 
to shape the world around me, 
missä I am you, and you is me.

paradise is Believing;
in progress, imperfect
but fitting.
the illusions are unravelling.

do you feel me?

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