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UK Embassy

To tackle societal challenges, we need to take in consideration politics because power structures and systemic racial prejudice are built into our structures. Structural issues require structural and cultural transformations in which politics have a very central role to play. 


ATAÁ got an opportunity to organize and conduct a workshop for the staff of the British Embassy staff in Finland. The British Embassy develops and maintains relations between the United Kingdom and Finland. In the workshop, we had an open discussion about personal and collective responsibility in creating a more diverse, inclusive and equality based culture.  


During the workshop, we did a deep dive into the state of diversity and structural racism in Finland. We went through concrete, practical activities that helped the embassy employees discover how they as individuals and as a community can help society move towards inclusion and equality. Thus, at the end of the workshop, the staff had a deeper understanding of the impact of structural racism on our society and at the same time received practical tools to promote equality. 


“ATAÁ responds very well to our needs. The workshop held received a lot of positive feedback. Many thanks from the embassy team!”

—  Heidi Helenius, UK Embassy

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