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ATAÁ_ Videolle työpaja_ Yhdenvertaisuus



ATAÁ organized and held a workshop for the staff of a production company, Videolle. During the workshop, we discussed the broad topic of diversity and equality within marketing and communications openly.


After discussing for a few hours, the employees of Videolle had a deeper understanding of how structural racism is seen in the industry. Furthermore, together we mapped out the organizations and industries challenges when it comes to moving towards inclusion. We also mapped out the individual difficulties people face in their position. By better understanding the challenges, we can figure out the solutions to tackle the challenges and required steps to turn them into strengths and opportunities. 


"ATAÁ's girls are highly professional trainers: their approach to the workshop was genuinely interactive and empathetic, and the whole was clearly constructed. In addition, the mimics identified needs we weren't even able to identify within our team. We got a lot of material from the workshop for further development."

- Laura Hakulinen, Videollr, Creative design and project management

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