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OPEN DISCUSSION ON YOUTH EQUALITY - How to promote an inclusive culture that supports education?
Our Common Children Association

All Our Children (Yhteiset Lapsemme) is a Finnish national organization founded in 1988. It is a non-profit organization with no political, religious or ideological ties. Its purpose and function is to promote and protect the welfare and rights of immigrant children, children who are adopted internationally, and children of ethnic minorities. 

The basis of their work are the principles defined in the Convention on the Child Rights of the United Nations. The main principle is that everyday interactions with people from different backgrounds and cultures increase the understanding of other people. The organization aims to influence the leaders, officials and professionals of educational and social areas to promote the well-being of multicultural children in Finnish society.


ATAÁ facilitated and moderated an online event organized by Our Common Children Association for 8th and 9th graders to kick off a national anti-racism week. The event sparked discussion and reflection on diversity, equity and inclusion in the Finnish school institutions. It was important and special for ATAÁl to be part of the event because the heart of its operation is to create an inclusive society where each individual has the opportunity to reach their potential, gain the respect they deserve, and genuinely be heard and seen as themselves.

A recording of the event


”Wanda and Naomi Holopainen hosted the Start of the Week Against Racism for High Schools, organized by the Our Common Children Association. Their execution was natural and conveyed expertise, courage and warmth. The cooperation was effortless and very reliable. Thank you very much for the neat work.”

—  Marjukka Rauhala, Our Common Children Association

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