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ATAÁ Agency to Transform Our Now for Sustainability

A while back we started on our mission to drive and make a change in our society by empowering people through business operations and marketing that does not only focus on economic sustainability but preferably on social sustainability. We aim to redefine the role of marketing and companies in our society, as companies have the resources to drive and power transitions towards a more favorable future. For organizations to be a force of transformation, the sustainability goals should be seen on multiple levels of practices, activities, strategies, and operations. We help companies and organizations to define social sustainability goals that are in line with their core business to create brands, marketing strategies, and tactics to drive transformational change.

One of the first things was to determine a name for the company. Right from the get-go, we both got attached to the name ‘Double Trouble.’ In our opinion it represented us so perfectly and what we wanted to do – boundary-pushing futures thinking to probe the limits of our current reality and to make new realities possible. So, we applied to register the company under the name Double Trouble.

A few weeks back, we received a letter from the YTJ saying that the name ‘Double Trouble’ was already trademarked. We were devastated. How could we ever think of another name that we could identify with and something that represented the company and our brand so well? It did not make it any easier, that we found out this the weekend before the MRKTNG day where we were supposed to do a soft launch for the company. We knew that time was not on our side or the side of innovative ideas with the added pressure. Thus, we decided to go with what we had. We needed more time to be innovative and to ensure that our new name would represent us as much as our earlier name.

So, a few days turned into a couple of weeks. We needed to decide on the name so we could move on and hopefully get the company officially registered. Then, the other day, we sat down with one of our friends for lunch to get a fresh perspective as we felt like we were too close to the situation to be able to look at it from a different perspective. So, we were in a way stuck. During lunch, Wanda came back to an idea she had had for a while. She suggested the name ataá. Ataá means twins in Twi - a tribal language in Ghana. This was something that we had learned on our first trip to Ghana this December - the first time there in our history. We wanted the name to be personal and represent who we are together as a team, which the name ataá resonated to. The name felt right. It told our story and where we come from while being a bit mysterious. A name that was unfamiliar to many, providing us opportunities to create our meaning for it. Thus, we are more than happy to represent to you all, the ATAÁ Agency.


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