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Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Part of the UN Sustainability Development Goals

What methods do we use to get everyone involved in promoting the UN Sustainability Development Goals? Last week was Human Rights Day. The day the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On December 10th we got the opportunity to be the hosts for Fingo - Finnish Development NGOs project Frame, Voice, Report. What a great experience it was to host the final seminar to conclude the three-year project that was funded by the European Union. The project focused on such topics as playfulness, multimedia, and storytelling. A great reminder to us all that this year's black lives matter movement (BLM) is part of a bigger picture on sustainability. A movement to reduce inequality around the world.

We hope that next year we are a step further with organizations having this understanding of social responsibility. Placing diversity and inclusion (D&I) at the same priority list as sustainability. Often conversations this past year have been on creating an understanding of the interlocked connection of D&I and sustainability efforts.

The seminar that was organized by Fingo - the Finnish Development NGOs had speakers around the globe, from London all the way to India. The event gave us hope and inspiration to move on to the next year with full energy to continue the revolution and transformation here in Finland. After all, following a revolution, we need to give people time to not only reflect but also to implement change. Watch the event recording now as it is only available for the next few days. You might spot some familiar faces.


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