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How has the transformation of our society transformed our way of building relationships?

How has the transformation of our society transformed our way of thinking, loving and building relationships – with ourselves and others? In the age of individualism and the mindsets of "what gets measured gets managed”. I sometimes wonder if we are now keeping track of the good deeds? Has it become something of a transformation for us?

Naomi Holopainens installation at the Luna Gallery is about the distribution of love and care. How could we see it as a network of compassion rather than a one-on-one exchange? Instead of seeing relationships as transactional, we would see relationships as a circle.

What comes around goes around

The love we give out comes back to us from various sources. When we give out something, we should not expect to receive anything in return. Instead, do things out of care. After all, good things follow good intentions in many shapes and forms. Often in ways, we can not foresee. Sometimes we have the energy to give out to others, and sometimes we are the recipient of love and care, wanting affection and kindness.

The Relational Presence

The GURSHA by Kihwa-Endale is about relational presence. ‘I am in relation to ___. Therefore I am.’ In a world where personal needs are often prioritized, this is an important reminder for the nature of symbiotic existence - to nurture and be nurtured; to serve and be served; to give, and to receive.

The exhibition is at Kasarminkatu 27, Helsinki and it will be open till January 28th.


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