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Humanity as the foundation of all our action

Naomi, 26, ATAÁs founder and creative mind

I have traveled a lot. I enjoy discovering new cultures. It has been useful in my personal life and work. Getting to know other cultures has widened my perspectives about being a Finn and about diversity.

From our company’s values, humanity is my personal favorite. Why humanity? It is the foundation of all our actions. Humanity is a broad concept. It has to do with respect, empathy, and consideration. How you treat yourself, impacts the way you treat others. For me, humanity is about: treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself. In teams, humanity is an important value. Groups can be more creative when the culture has a sense of psychological safety. Psychological safety means that each team member can feel accepted and respected in the group.

By accepting my humanity, I expose myself to continuous growth.

Stereotypes exist and always will. However, we can make a difference by being aware of them. I aim to be self-aware to reduce unhidden biases. With empathy, we can learn from everyone. By accepting my humanity, I expose myself to continuous growth.

I used to be a perfectionist. This showed mostly in sports. The continuous repetitions to aim for perfection created its stress. But mistakes happen. Mistakes have to be made to learn from them. It is essential to show your weaknesses, to be vulnerable as an individual, as a group, and as a company.

Often, when I take time for myself, I love to dance. Dance helps me to express my feelings and emotions. Some of my other favorite things include long walks and biking. Best project ideas always come from the streets.


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