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Inclusive Brand Film & Photo Production

In marketing, we often talk about different metrics – views, website visitors, not to mention customer engagement. Even we had a similar discussion after the production of the brand film. We wondered how many people would see it and who it would touch - nervous about what the reception would be and what people would say. We concluded that we didn't want to measure our success this way. When we founded Ataá, we were already committed to the fact that we wanted to question and change business environment success metrics and operating models with our activities.

UHANA - Production

The journey was full of ups and downs. Growing moments and many sleepless nights. Self-questioning and self-transcendence.

In our last team meeting, while sharing thoughts and experiences about the process, we heard that someone had seen their mother cry for the first time while watching a movie together. Some had discovered new sides of themselves when they felt safe with the team. This openness and atmosphere created a space where people could be themselves and expand their perception of themselves on this journey. Some stated that the media industry could be for them. These stories warmed our hearts and confirmed that this is what success looked and sounded like to us – real-life stuff.

Working on this project was heartwarming. We were working with fantastic creatives and amazing people. But so many feelings and experiences that we will carry with us for years.


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