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Meet Our New Team Member

Luam Mahader, Content Creator

As a Business Administration student, I have wondered how to align my studies and help the underrepresented community. When I heard about ATAÁ from a friend, it sounded like a perfect opportunity to discover and learn more about inclusive work firsthand.

Aligning personal values with work

For quite a long time, I searched for an internship placement that aligns with my personal values and one that would help me develop into a well-rounded individual. So when a good friend of mine informed me about ATAÁ, I immediately felt like I should apply and utilize the opportunity. I personally think that as an intern, the workplace or the organization should give you space and opportunities to explore your own ideas and interests, and that’s what ATAÁ has been doing for me. At the moment, my roles include communication, social media, and content creation. I look forward to getting more hands-on experience and seeing what the future holds for our team. At the moment, my roles include communication, social media, and content creation.

My Purpose in Life

Coming from a small town in the north of Finland, Kajaani, I am used to spending a lot of time in nature and doing activities outdoors. I enjoy hiking, going for long walks, and just staying active. Every morning, before work, I like to take a 20 min walk to freshen my mind and body; it allows my thoughts to just run around without any distraction. Especially now that we live in difficult circumstances, it is essential to be active, so make sure to walk every day.

I believe that everyone has a purpose in life, but it's up to you if you let that purpose put pressure on you or not. My purpose in life is to empower myself, so I could empower others. The continuous journey of becoming the best version of myself helps me reach my goals to create change in the world.


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