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Redefining the New Norm - Creative Vulnerability

Written by Wanda Holopainen, the CEO and co-founder of ATAÁ Agency

My imperfections are me and my unique beauty.

I have noticed that often I tend to be a little bit too harsh on myself, pushing to reach my full potential every day. However, it has been a learning curve to understand that reaching my potential for me includes vulnerability and embracing the imperfection of myself as a person and the not always so perfect behaviour, execution of things, and so forth. As our coach said, your 100% is different every day.

To be honest with you, I had to go through this mental process again with this recent SHIFT Business Festival podcast episode about redefining the next normal of diversity. Somehow it was a day when I felt unease and discomfort before even walking into the recording session. I felt like my brain was just not functioning during the discussion, and I could barely form sentences to articulate my jumbled thoughts. After the session, I really had to process my feelings of failure, frustration, shame, and disappointment.

When this episode came out, I did not want to share it and showcase the world something that I thought I could have executed better. However, I came to a conclusion that why not. By sharing this, I also want to remind people to see the perfection in imperfection. I bet some people can relate to these feelings. We all have had times and things that we have not been the proudest of, but those, in the end, are the things that, for me, makes us beings so beautiful.


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