In an era of sustainable development, organizations must take DEI into account in all business areas. Companies have a significant responsibility for leading the way towards an equal and inclusive society that values diversity.


ATAÁ provides support and expertise for organizations in diversity, equity, and inclusion, regardless of what stage the organization is on the journey. Together, we will find the best ways to develop and support your business.


We at ATAÁ believe that how we do things is as important as what we do. We strive to create unity and a sense of cohesion, breaking the “we” vs “them” mindset.

Our expertise focuses on the diversity, inclusion and equality of the business world.


Our experience is specifically in ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and age gaps. In our operations, we utilize our marketing, communications, and international business experience and expertise, which help with tackling multidimensional and intersectional topics.



The business world requires long-term vision, as well as deliberate and intentional actions to make progress in diversity, inclusion, and equality.


ATAÁ assists companies in creating an inclusion and equality strategy, meaning  a business strategy and a brand identity in which diversity, inclusion, and equality are thoroughly part of a company’s operations.


In cooperation, we can create inclusive organizational cultures where employees are able to reach their full potential, increasing the company's innovation, propelling partners and industry peers to do better, and building a brand that customers are proud to align themselves with.



We offer diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultation for organizations. Consultations can be set on a fixed-term or ongoing basis.

Consultations can be integrated into existing meetings, such as team meetings, your organization’s management team or the entire team assembly. The goal is to find a collaboration model that best serves you while supporting your company’s current needs.



ATAÁ runs workshops that focus on providing a safe space where participants can learn on an individual level. This way, every employee becomes accountable for inclusive and equal action. This creates cohesion and breaks the “we” vs “them” mindset,enabling a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility.


ATAÁ tailors workshops to meet the current, unique needs of each of its partners. 


ATAA strives to create and maintain a safe atmosphere founded on unity. 


The intention is to create an environment for open conversation. ATAÁ can organically bring in its expertise in diversity, inclusion and equality when moderating or facilitating events.

Konsepti-ja kampanjatuki

Concept & Campaign Support

Intent does not exclude action. At ATAÁ, we want to ensure that creative concepts reach their potential for normalizing diversity or taking a stand on social issues. Together we can ensure that the creative process contributes toward an inclusive and equal future. 


At ATAA we offer  perspectives rooted in diversity, inclusion, and equality as part of the creative process's different stages – from creation to implementation.