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In an era of sustainable development, organizations must take diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI) into account in all business operations. Companies are responsible for leading the way towards an equal and inclusive society.


Ataás expertise focuses on diversity, inclusion and equality. It provides support and expertise for brands to better consider social sustainability. Together, we will find the best ways to develop and support your business.

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Concepts & Production

Ataá creates concepts and produces content with the foundation of DEI. In their productions, Ataá creates space for diverse voices to flourish. They are allowing authentic and playful new stories to emerge to equip organizations' marketing and communication efforts to participate in the reimagining of society. 


Ataá envisions a business environment where people can reimagine society and celebrate the beauty of humanity and representation outside of binaries. They want to accelerate a liberating culture where everyone can enjoy and experience belonging and reach their potential. Furthermore, Ataá aims to create a sense of community to bring people together towards a common goal of liberation. This can be realized within their concepts and productions. 


Konseptointi ja tuotanto


We offer diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultation for organizations. Consultations can be set on a fixed-term or ongoing basis. In addition, consultations can be integrated into existing meetings, such as team meetings, your organization's management team or the entire team assembly. 

Ataá also helps organizations with building DEI strategies in which organizations can make data-driven decisions.  


The goal is to find a collaboration model that best serves you while supporting your company's current needs.



Ataá runs various DEI workshops that provide a safe space for participants to learn on an individual level. Emotions are part of the work of liberation, which can be experienced in Ataás workshops.


ATAÁ tailors workshops to meet each of its partners' current, unique needs. 

Moderation & Keynotes

Ataá can organically bring in its expertise in diversity, inclusion and equality when moderating or facilitating events. You can book Ataá to moderate panels and different kinds of discussions. They also offer keynote and inspirational speeches at various events and occasions. 


The intention is to create an environment for open conversation. 

Moderonti & Keynote
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